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NEWSLETTERS from Leise and Agilit

I keep you updated on self-management in network of teams

  • Self-management
  • New ways of working
  • Network of Teams (network organisation)

Newsletter 3

3(3) HOW CAN WE GET ANYTHING DONE without formal leaders? The new everyday life with self-managing teams at [...]

Newsletter 2

2 (3) THE LEADERSHIP GROUP HAD FIRED THEMSELVES - now the time had come for the employees The leadership [...]

Newsletter 1

1(3) "WE’LL START BY FIRING OURSELVES, Leise" He was the CIO and my manager Did he actually just fire [...]

From Hierarchy to Network of Teams

YOUR  organisation survives

Fotograf: Carsten Selvang (fra Island)

Photo by Carsten Selvang, Polex foto. With permission

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