About Agilit

Agilit was founded in 2018 by Leise Astrid Passer Jensen. Leise has a wholehearted desire to do away with the outdated hierarchy and management Command & Control.

Agilit helps companies organize in a timely manner of a modern world in order for *your* company to survive: The increasing unpredictability and complexity are the challenges you need to overcome. Research shows that command & control does not work in our modern economy.

Everything must further be built around volunteering. No coercion: Agile teams are best organized into a network of teams without the need for top-down managers who take the decisions and tell how well-educated adults should work.

I believe in:

  • Inner motivation – everyone wish to do their best. We don’t need other to motivate us.

  • We change the System – not people.

  • Leadership – is provided by us all. No-one decides over others against their will.

At Agilit we think out of the bowl – together with our customers


AgiliT develops agile practitioners who thrive in networked organizations in small and medium-sized companies in Denmark

In AgiliT we take the next step: Managerial job functions are radically adapted.

Principles of e.g. Agile Lean Leadership ensure that everyone take ownership.
Principles behind Humanocracy (Gary Hamel) replace e.g. the useless bureaucracy.
Self-management principles guarantee that formally appointed managers don’t need to take all decisions.

  • Purpose, values, constraints – See a higher purpose

  • Integrity and trust – fundamental for everything

  • Leadership is a service – not a privilege

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Team & Partnerships

AgiliT works with some of the most talented consultants and companies with specialties in agility, change and management.

Leise Passer Jensen
Leise Passer JensenPartner & Agile Advisor
Leise is an entrepreneur and founder of Agilit. She has worked agile since 2002. Co-founder of the learning forum ScrumPatterns.dk.

Leise utilizes her 35+ years of IT technical background and management experience from Nokia, among others, to help teams and leaders build humane organizations of the future.

  • Education
    Msc. Computer Science and English

  • Systemic Coaching
    Cert. Enneagram & NLP Business Master Coach

  • Certifications (selected)
    Accredited Scrum trainer, Agile Lean Leadership
    Licensed Agile Fluency Diagnostic Facilitator
    SAFe® 5 SPC (trainer)
    Scrum@Scale Practitioner
    LeSS practitioner
    CSPO Scrum Product Owner
    IPMA B senior projekt manager
    Agile projekt manager, DSDM
    Inviting Leadership & Executive Coaching
    Open Space in Orgs Level 1
    Open Space Agility OSA
    BetaCodex og OpenSpace Beta

  • Leise educates you in

    • Agile Lean Leadership courses
    • ALL-Certified Scrum courses, Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner
    • Scrum Patterns (from A Scrum Book, by Sutherland & Cope et.al.)
  • Leise is a co-facilitator of

Agile Lean House
Agile Lean HouseHouse of agile education
AgileLeanHouse is committed to helping organizations get more value out of their efforts through our framework Agile Lean Leadership and online workflow tool Agemba.This provides radical transformation through transparency and collaboration.

Leise is an associated trainer at Agile Lean House and educates you in Agile Lean Leadership (ALL) as well as all ALL Scrum courses.

“If people know how to do their jobs, why do they need a boss?”

Doug Kirkpatrick, Morning Star

Fra Hierarki til Netværksorganisation

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