Epic Owner course. ONLINE. By AgiliT

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During our Epic Owner course, you learn in two engaging and interactive days enough for you to take on the role of Epic Owner in your organization. You will receive a course certificate and can choose to take an educational exam. With us, this is more of an education than just a course certificate, and we always recommend subsequent sparring sessions.

The education runs over 14 days:

  • Two full day course days – online –  at the beginning and at the end
  • 2 hours of sparring
  • Homework

The first module is designed as a game, fun and educational. And you will become familiar with the responsibilities and tasks of the Epic Owner role.

The second module will be held 2 weeks later. We build on the experience you have gained in your Epic Owner role since course day 1.

You do not master the role of Epic Owner after a two day course. You will gain a basic knowledge of basic principles and will be able to adapt the way of working in your own organization with hig confidentiality and credibility.

You hear  about *) Agile Lean Leadership (ALL) and the importance of Inviting Leadership (no one should be forced to work agile).

You will gain insight into why the current approach to projects does not work with self-organizing agile teams.

You will learn how major development initiatives can secure deliveries through agile teams.

You gain insight into Lean Business Case, Portfolio Management and coordination without a steering group.

Two hours of voluntary sparring are included in the training course.

In addition, we are available to you to a limited extent after the course, so you always have a mentor to ask at the beginning. This is included in the price.

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The course is aimed at managers, product managers, project managers and others who need to manage a large development initiative in an agile set-up without projects. As a participant you are curious about latest management methods, volunteering and involvement. Prior knowledge of Scrum or Agile is not required, but recommended. We therefore always recommend that you read a little about Scrum or possibly refresh it before the course.

Do the right things first

Content – what does an Epic Owner do?

The Epic Owner is responsible for ensuring product development and sub-products for larger development initiatives can be delivered through agile teams. When coordination and a significant financial commitment of funds are required, the coordination work may require competencies that the team or teams do not themselves possess. It is in these situations that an Epic Owner role can step in.

This requires close coordination with Product Owners in each of the agile teams. For example, in Scrum Teams, it is the Product Owner who ‘owns’ the Product Backlog.

This is a hands-on course with high participants engagement for optimized learning, so that participants can subsequently take on the role of Epic Owner with confidence and personal integrity.

If people are interested, we include the Cynefin framework to highlight the importance of using the right tools depending on the complexity of the development task to be completed. For example, Scrum is perfect for Complex Adaptive Systems, but does not provide the great value of small, simple tasks that are performed routinely.

Masser af praktiske øvelser på vores kurser
During two days we walk through…
  • Who should estimate, plan and prioritize
  • Main differences between projects and Epics
  • How we keep stakeholders satisfied and involved
  • Epic Owner role and responsibility in organization
  • Providing requirements and how to break them down
  • Developing Lean Business Case and Portfolio Management
  • How Epic Owners cooperate with the rest of the organization
  • Is a scaled agile set-up necessary to structure the work in Epics
  • Agile Lean Leadership (ALL) as an aid to the transition to modern forms of leadership

At the end of the course, participants will receive a course certificate and the opportunity to submit a written exam paper (included in the price). You will then be offered a time limited membership of the Agile Lean Leadership Network. The network has access to additional resources around Scrum and Agile Lean Leadership. After the course, participants will be given electronic copies of presentations, videos and material created during the course.


Leise Passer Jensen from AgiliT has specialized in advising teams and management, coaching and teaching the agile organization and Scrum. Leise has worked agile for 20 years as i.a. manager, project manager, Epic Owner, teacher, Scrum Master and Product Owner. She brings her long practical experience into play with a pragmatic approach supplemented by theoretical foundation. Leise’s goal is for participants to feel highly engaged and inspired by the courses, so that lasting learning is ensured and can be used in practice.

Servant Leadership when scaling agile


Two days of online teaching – early bird prize 10% if registration takes place no later than one month before.

Thereafter the price is EUR 1870 (excl. VAT).

The price includes an educational exam, 2 hours of sparring, course material and catering. After the course you can contact the teacher (Leise Passer Jensen) for e.g. mentoring (short questions, advice and guidance) during the beginning of your Epic Owner role.

Next course: Autumn 2023 from 9-16. ONLINE via Zoom. Long lunch break.

Voluntary exam is included in the price. Contact Leise to hear more.

Our courses are held in Copenhagen (address announcement later). Small teams.

Optimized learning curve with sparring after the course

Our experience shows that when a course is followed up by regular sparring or coaching, the learning becomes more permanent and our customers achieve lasting results more quickly.

We recommend 2 * 1/2 hour per. Week in the beginning.

Thereafter every 14 days on as needed basis.

Contact Leise for price and further information.

Vær modig - hop ud sammen med os

Epic Owner

2 days, online. Small teams.


You will be able to take on the role of Epic Owner in your organization. You get to know the difference between projects and Epics. We review when you get the most out of organizing with Epics. We review the necessary check-points from start to finish. How, when and what to prioritize. You will learn when you need Portfolio Management and a Lean Business Case. We dress you for what it takes of the organization and the agile teams that will deliver the products in collaboration with Epic Owner. We also discuss how to report what to whom when you do not have a steering group.

Trainer: Leise Passer Jensen, AgiliT.

Audience: Experienced and inexperienced Epic Owners who seek structure and overview.

Time and location: On demand in 2023. ONLINE via Zoom. Long lunch breaks.

Price: EUR 1870 (ex. VAT)

Early Bird: 10% off (1 month before)

1-min. video about Epic Owner dilemma

Call/mail to request dates of planned courses +45 6171 7353 or leise@agilit.dk

Product Owner by ALL

2 days, kl. 9-17 in Copenhagen. Small groups


You will gain an in-depth knowledge of Agile Lean Leadership (ALL), Scrum and agile via learning with Lego: How it started, roles, responsibilities, Scrum events; how to effectively analyze value and strategy as well as lead and prioritize; visibility using backlogs, burn-down graphs and more how we keep stakeholders happy; how to work as a Product Owner with the backlog and specification; how is the interaction as a Product Owner with the rest of the organization; estimation, planning, risk analysis and prioritization.

Trainer: Leise Passer Jensen, AgiliT, in cooperation withKurt Nielsen, Agile Lean House.

Audience: This course is for first time Product Owners.

Price: DKK 10.000 (ex.VAT; incl. cert.)

Early Bird: DKK 9.000 (ex. VAT)

The 12 Agile Principles

Sign Up via Agilit  +45 6171 7353 or leise@agilit.dk

Scrum Master by ALL

2 days, kl. 9-17. Copenhagen. Small groups


You get an in-depth knowledge of Agile Lean Leadership (ALL), Scrum and agile via learning with Lego: How it all started, the 12 agile principles, roles and responsibilities, Scrum events, visibility using backlogs, burn-down graphs and more , how to get started on the principle of continuous improvement; different estimation methods, planning and retrospective events, how to ensure high commitment and motivation, efficiency and high satisfaction by working in teams; how to be an effective Servant Leader of the Scrum process as a Scrum Master.

Trainer: Leise Passer Jensen, AgiliT, in cooperation with Agile Lean House.

Audience: This course is for first time Scrum Masters.

Price: DKK 10.000 (ex.VAT; incl. cert.)

Early Bird: DKK 9.000 (read more)

The 12 Agile Principles

Sign Up via Agilit  +45 6171 7353 or leise@agilit.dk

Read more (in Danish) about the education and the optional exam her.