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Forsøg med Lego-relativ-estimering


Do you also wanna have fun with other agile enthusiasts?

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Watch  this 6 min. animated video on Relative Estimates by  Bent Jensen/BestBrains Academy and Yuri Malishenko.

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  • Why, when, how to use Relative Estimation
  • About Planning Poker
  • Difference between relative and absolute estimation
  • Cynefin and estimation
  • Do’s and Don’ts

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What did the first players say about  this Kahoot Quiz?  5 out of 5 – and a great learning experience.

What is Relative Estimation?

Watch this 6 min. animated video by Bent Jensen (BestBrains) and visual thinker Yuri Malishenko

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Daniel Mezick, Open Space Agile OSA

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